Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poland had nuclear weapons

A recent report prepared by Poland's National Security Bureau reveals that from 1970 until mid 1980s Red Army stationing in Poland housed 168 nuclear weapons to be used by Polish Army and around 300 for its own use in case of war with the West.

While there are no details on Red Army's supplies, besides the total number, the information on nuclear weapons for Polish Army is very detailed.

There were:
- 14 500 kiloton warheads
- 35 200 kiloton warheads
- 83 10 kiloton warheads
- 2 200 kiloton air bombs
- 24 15 kiloton air bombs
- 10 0.5 kiloton air bombs

The decision to store nuclear weapons in Poland was made after exercises that showed that transporting those weapons after the war has started would be too slow and easy to detect. The weapons were removed from Poland at the end of 1980s.

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