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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Russia is building nuclear trains

President Putin ordered to resume building special trains capable of launching intercontinental missiles. The first 5 trains with a total of 30 intercontinental missiles, with either 1 or multi-warheads, will be ready by 2018.

Russia claims that new START III treaty, unlike START II, does not forbid such trains.

Those trains are designed to look jsut like other cargo trains so they will be nearly impossible to detect.

Russia has already threatened Poland and other former communist states with nuclear attack. Such trains raise the possibility of nuclear blackmail not just against closest neighbours but the whole European continent.

Because of "foot dragging" by american politicians Poland may have missile shield not sooner than 2018 as well, 10 missiles, with a location known to everybody (Redzikow near city of Slupsk). This is still a progress comparing to sending to Poland unarmed Patriot missiles or just platforms without missiles at all.

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