Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Saudi Arabia vs. the rest of the World

While some see the drop in oil prices as a signal that world economy is dramatically slowing others see it as Saudi's attack on Russian and US oil producers. Few weeks ago Russia accused West of conspiracy against its economy. Now that oil production in US, specifically in Texas, are affected as well it seems that Saudi Arabia, which refuses to slow oil production, decided to kill its competition.

Today, Russia is on the verge of collapse. Ruble (or rouble) is plunging.

Texas that saved US from depression by creating 50% of new jobs since 2009 may see that oil production no longer profitable. Today the first oil industry layoffs were announced.

The drop in oil prices was felt in nearly all other oil producing nations including Norway.

We don't know what Saudis are up to but it may not be good.

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