Saturday, March 14, 2015

Is it really a coup, or is Putin smarter than the rest of us?

Only 24 hours after our post about the possibility about coup in Russia conservative TV and radio host, Glenn Beck is already worrying that this means nuclear war. Why? Because most of the rumors about coup also indicate that the coup may be masterminded by the hardline leaders of the old KGB.
...Russia-watchers including Michael Caputo and Tom Nichols have put forward a darker theory: Russia is in the middle of a coup, and if hard-liners win, Russian nukes could wind up pointed at the world’s major cities.
“One thing is for sure: while this plays out, the world is in far more danger than we were in February,” writes Caputo. “Pray for us all.”
 Does he have a point? Can things get any worse?


Is Putin playing us? Is he trying to show us that without him things could get really, really bad, for all of us?

If he is, all other dictators will learn this lesson and will try to communicate to us that if they go away we will be sorry. In two years from now, the far-left wing of Democratic party, including  the MSNBC and CNN, will try to convince us that if President Obama leaves the office things will get ugly in America and that we should let him either stay in the office or run for the office again. Just like his friend, Putin.

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