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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Remember Stealth Tank? How about Stealth army? "Kameleon" - Polish camouflage for tanks, trucks and uniforms (1st time in english)

What would Russians do if Polish Army just disappeared right in front of their eyes? Poles have the technology now and it may be a  reality in a few short years.

Scientists from the Military Institute of Technical Engineering invented a thermochromic active camouflage. Thanks to a it a tank or transporter will be able to change color depending on the ambient temperature. The soldiers themselves will be able to program, at which temperature the vehicle will adopt the new color. The invention has been patented under the name "Legwan".

The camouflage system involves the use of special inks with the addition of suitable dyes and various substances with thermochromic properties. Painted military vehicle could change the color under the influence of temperature prevailing in the environment.

The scale ranges from minus 10 degrees to plus 60 degrees Celsius. This means that the military can for example be programmed in advance. Change the color of the tank from green to white when the ambient temperature drops below zero. The thermo active coating can be applied not only vehicles and various equipment, but also to uniforms, tent sheets or bulky camouflage nets. The researchers also point out that the new type of coating does not require special treatments.

The camouflage will be presented in September at the XXIII International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland.

Here is a taste of it (good staff starts at 40sec.):

... and don't forget the Stealth Tank