Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why Do We Expect So Much From Poland?

In the Polish weekly 'Do Rzeczy' Szewach Weiss, chairman of the Yad Vashem Memorial Council, wondered why the Poles are still being asked to apologize for the genocide committed on their territory by Nazi Germany.

His article was translated from Polish for the Visegrád Post with the kind permission of 'Do Rzeczy' and the author. Here is a small excerpt of it:

Poland has a specific and sometimes unfair place here. As Chairman of the Yad Vashem Memorial Council and as President of the Knesset, I have had the opportunity to welcome a large number of world leaders. Some of them asked for forgiveness on behalf of their people and their history. This is what the Polish presidents did, among other things. However, I have never heard such apologies from the President of France (a country which collaborated with the Germans and had a fascist government), or Belgian, Slovak or Italian leaders. Such words are expected of the Polish leaders, and when these same words are not pronounced by the leaders of other countries, it is not considered a scandal.