Monday, April 17, 2017

Shocking results of the exhumation of the victims of the Smolensk disaster

(Translation of an article on and other sources.)
Exhumations of the bodies of the victims of Smolensk crash bring more and more shocking news. They all show that prosecutors' decision to open all the graves was absolutely right. At the same time, we see more and more painful effects of the ban on open coffins, made by the Polish government in 2010. For this reason, the Russians could afford to do anything they wanted. And they did. 

During the exhumation carried out in 2017 the most shocking discovery of all exhumations till now was made. In one coffin there were two heads, three legs and four hip bones. (Out of respect for the families we deliberately withheld the date of the exhumation.)

It is not known yet which victims' remains were in one grave. It will be determined after the ongoing genetic research. Earlier we learned about switching other two bodies and a number of cases where the remains of the victims were in the wrong graves. According to the prosecutors who assisted in the exhumations, the bodies were not only intermixed, but also desecrated, which proves bad intentions. They did whatever they wanted and how they wanted. The plastic cup sewn into a body of a victim or a cigarette butt found in the body of President Kaczorowski are the key examples of the total lack of respect... (

Again, as in several previous cases, there can be no mistake. This cannot be explained neither by the mess, nor haste. The Russians had deliberately placed the remains of victims in such a way in the coffins.

Why did they risk it? According to our information, Russian representatives were present during the Moscow meeting between Polish ministers, Ewa Kopacz and Thomas Arabski, and victims' families. The ministers pressed them to "apply themselves" to identify the victims, because the coffins will not be opened in Poland. It is otherwise difficult  to explain the terribly contemptuous treatment of the bodies of the Polish elite by the Russians than that they knew that the caskets will be closed.