Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can someone please ask Ms Clinton, to stop insulting the memory of the real 'resistance'???

For several days now Hillary Clinton announces, anywhere there is a camera or microphone, that she is joining a resistance and I can't help clenching my jaws in frustration. Why? Because I know what joining resistance actually means. By personal experience and of those I loved.

I was in a resistance against the communist regime. Yes, against people like Gorbachev, Putin and Castro - people that the Democrat party treats like heroes and celebrities. A member of my family was in a real Resistance, Home Army, against Nazi Germans occupying our country. During WWII any association with Home Army meant torture, one way ticket to the Concentration Camp and/or death sentence. My uncle survived that war only to be rewarded with imprisonment and being sent to the Gulag, courtesy of the Soviet installed regime.

My resistance membership was not even 1/1000th of that. But it still meant that if caught I could have been thrown out of college or marked as unemployable. Thankfully, I was not caught, but I did not advertise it either. Well, except for wearing this tiny electronic item, resistor, on my coat easily recognizable by other resistance members that I am one of them, and later by the Secret Police.

What does Hillary risk by joining the 'resistance' against Trump? Nothing. From where I am standing it is a good excuse to start another PAC that will let her separate unsuspecting and naive millionaires from their money.

So please, tell Hillary to cut it out. Calling whatever she is doing a 'resistance' is an insult to our intelligence and memory of those who actually were in Resistance.