Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another Border Wall

There is another Border Wall being built, but surprisingly, the media is not interested in reporting on it. Even though it is supposed to stop their 'mortal enemy', Russia.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are building a 'Baltic Wall' to protect themselves from Russia. It will be several meters high and bristling with modern monitoring and security systems. According to military experts the strengthening of the border is aimed, above all, at the Russian special services that use criminal groups and illegal immigrants to infiltrate the Baltic countries through gaps in borders. Although the border fence will not stop the regular army it will create a serious obstacle for the "accidental" trips of Russian troops to the Baltic countries. During the first phase of the conflict in  Donbass Russians often resorted to the argument that Russian soldiers accidentally crossed the border with Ukraine.

Lithuanian part of the wall, 180 miles,  will cost over 100 million Euros and will be completed in 2020. Totally worth it.