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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Poland has taken in 1.4 million migrants, but that doesn't count ... because they are Christians

Poland has taken in 1.4 million Ukrainians, which is almost 9 times more than 160,000 required by the EU, but EU leaders refuse to take that into account. (BTW: “Humanitarian Superpower” Germany accepted 150 of them). It is hard to tell why. It could be their bruised egos by Poland's refusal to take any migrants currently housed in the camps in Greece and Italy, or because the Ukrainians are Christians (Ukrainian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Protestants and Catholics).

The difference between migrants from Ukraine and those from the Middle East and Africa is that the first ones easily adapt to the Polish culture, customs and laws. Of the second group very few actually stay in Poland. Migrants from the South do not assimilate. They are not adaptable to Polish customs, culture and laws, and in fact are resistant to adapting, and some of them pose a threat. Even now Poland has detained five “jihadists” in 2016 alone.

Many Poles feel this is all part of a broader effort by the EU to impose a set of values on Poland that relate not just to the rule of law, but also impinge on its sovereign right to control its own borders, cultural identity and security.

At this point Poland would rather accept the financial penalties then accept more migrants. “If you look at how destabilizing the presence of immigrants in France is, for example, in Calais, the policy of not accepting immigrants from the South is justified."