Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Stop colluding with Communists and Russians against democratically elected government

The collective hysteria around the world is not only unfair, it is actually dangerous to the democracy. Apparently, the EU Commission, The New Your Times and The Washington Post think they are the only ones that know what is good for "the people", fair and truly democratic. Never mind that apparently they don't even know what they are talking about.

Polish citizens for years have complained about corruption in the courts, they say so in the polls, and the ruling party that won last year elections wants to fix that. You can call it a Polish version of "draining the swamp."

The party's argument is that the judges, "judicial higher caste" as they call themselves (how is that for democracy?), have turned into an entrenched caste, an elite in need of a shake-up. The party's leader called the courts "one of the strongholds of post-Communism." He pointed out that the National Council of the Judiciary was set up in 1989 by the last parliament elected under the Communist system, and argued that it perpetuated the legacy of the old legal system and its "rampant Leftism."

Corruption, no action in response to perverse misconduct, mafia-like relations in the judicial system, have all shaken the public opinion. Outrageous judgements relating to freedom of speech have deepened the sense of hopelessness. In addition, the defense of the Round Table Agreement, which effectively is a defense of the Polish communist state (as it provided protection for communist beneficiaries), and the impunity of criminals from the communist repression system have made 80% of the Poles demand some reforms. - from  Structural Change in the Polish Judiciary. "This is Just the Beginning"

So, where do Russians fit in?  Trust me, wherever there is an opportunity to weaken their enemies, also known as a neighboring countries, they have their fingers in it. If you don't believe me consider the following headline that just popped out: Russian upper house wants sanctions against Poland for ‘de-communisation’ laws