Thursday, August 24, 2017

Legal War Between Poland and EU

Poland has vowed to fight the EU in court over migrant relocation quotas, while accusing the European Commission of creating a security risk.

"On 23 August 2017, Poland sent its reply to the European Commission’s reasoned opinion over non-compliance with the obligations under the relocation decisions taken in September 2015. Poland requested that the European Commission discontinue the ongoing infringement procedure. Should they be continued, we are ready to defend our case before the EU Court of Justice" - the Polish foreign ministry said in a statement.

This morning the European Union’s executive arm said it would not withdraw its legal proceedings against Poland over migrant relocation quotas.

So, it is on. It is worth to note that while Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary are harassed by the European Commission for not accepting migrant from Italy and Greece, Austria and Denmark have done exactly the same, they did not accept any migrants, but there is not a word about that.