Sunday, August 6, 2017

Politically Incorrect Poland Has Done It Again, Warsaw Commemorated Massacre by German Troops

(Politically Correct version would say Nazi Troops.) Despite backlash from PC media and soccer authorities, UEFA, Poland (both government and citizens) not only backed the Legia Warsaw team by promising to help pay any fines, they commemorated the very massacre mentioned on the, now very famous, banner.

Heads are exploding in Germany that owns nearly all major news outlets in Poland, but also among world's leading PC media organizations.

Just check out this three 'Top stories' about Poland. Not one mention of the massacre of 40,000 (conservative estimate) - 50,000 civilians in 7 days.

It is hard to tell whether there is a concern or, not well concealed, threat.
CNBC: Poland's future within the EU has come under renewed uncertainty after the President of the European Council said the country's "arrogant" rejection of EU law signals its desire to exit the union. 
Donald Tusk, Poland's former Prime Minister, hit out at his home country's ruling Law and Justice party Thursday, saying that its fragile relationship with the EU had moved closer to breaking point. 
Why would Poland, with hundreds of years of history of struggle for independence, would want to stick around in the organization, the European Union, that wants to tell them how to run everything. From judiciary, immigration, ecology, national parks, and soon constitution. Yeah, Poland's ruling party wants to remove any protections for former communists hidden in the document written by a post-communist. If you want to see fireworks just wait.