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Sunday, September 17, 2017

EU's Hypocrisy Over Ecology At Full Display (graphic pics)

Bison in Poland
For the last several weeks we heard about Polish authorities openly defying European Commission and European Court of Justice, apparently it never happened before, over their ban on lodging in Białowieża Forest, the best preserved forest ecosystem in Europe. According to progressive media in both Europe and US it's just terrible.

On Friday, a protected animal, European Bison (Zubr in Polish), wandered off from that very forest. It walked undisturbed by locals through nearly whole Poland and then crossed the Polish-German border only to be shot right after with an official approval by German authorities (because we know that Germans want do anything without that).

Unmolested in Poland
The animal is so rare that it is actually considered to be already extinct, those that survived were kept alive in captivity and reintroduced in Poland to the wildlife. What was the reaction from EU politicians or EU friendly media? No protests at all. Actually, not a single word, anywhere, even though it did happen and we have pictures to prove it.

The silence is so deafening that some Facebook users decided to help writing headlines like: "Polish Bison Illegally Crosses the Border, Trips and His Head Falls Off" or "Germany just killed 100% of its bison population."

In Germany, ready for barbecue
The furor in Poland over this grows and people expect something to be done about it.  BTW, people who saved those species are the same ones who for centuries care for Polish forests. How some self appointed experts on ecology can be allowed to have a say on those issues is beyond understanding.