Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Polish PM writes why judiciary reforms are needed in Poland

Newly appointed Prime Minister of Poland penned an Op-Ed to explain to the readers of the Washington Examiner and hopefully American politicians, why the judicial reforms in Poland are needed and necessary. 

'All year, we have struggled with the widespread misunderstanding of our plans to reform Poland’s deeply flawed judicial structure. In mid-November, ..., the European Parliament took first never-before-invoked steps to sanction the country, citing those charges. It is time for us to explain ourselves better, because our cause is just.'

He points out that Polish judiciary is a 'caste' created in 1989 by a last communist leader of Poland. General Jaruzelski who held an office of the President nominated an entirely new 'bench' of Communist-era judges to staff the post-communist courts. He did that to control the changes in the political system after communism collapsed. These judges, and their families, dominated Polish judiciary until now.