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Friday, January 19, 2018

President of Poland thanked Trump for fighting "fake news" and Bloomberg doesn't like it

President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, thanked president Donald Trump for fighting "fake news" and the Fake News Award for a story about his wife. Remember? The one by Newsweek about the Polish first lady refusing to shake the Trump's hand during a ceremony in Poland. In this one Newsweek completely "ignored" (willfully) Polish protocol, which called for her to first shake hands with Trump's wife Melania and then Trump himself.

Bloomberg could not resist and brought up this: "Duda says the government isn’t impeding the rule of law, even though he has failed to swear in three Constitutional Court justices legally picked by his political opponents and the cabinet has refused to publish, and hence make binding, tribunal rulings, it disagrees with." Bloomberg completely ignored the fact by Polish (and US) standards the nomination is not official after the president signs it.

Bloomberg also brought up a fine imposed by a Polish regulator on a U.S.-owned television news network for the way it covered anti-government protests in Warsaw. Again, the fact that the penalty was rejected by the court (in a democratic process) did not impress them either. Just as the fact that the coverage did call for violence hence the penalty. (Details, just details.)