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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Apparently there is no freedom of speech in the UK

Some time ago an American radio host, Michael Savage, was banned (and still is) from entering the United Kingdom. Apparently the UK government liked the idea so much that they are making it a standard practice. This time they barred from entering a centrist journalist, OK, he is a little to the right, Rafal Ziemkiewicz from Poland. All it took was Rupa Huq's "opinion" piece in The Guardian a couple days earlier and two days later he is out. How this bureaucratic government accomplished that so quickly and efficiently? They sent a couple of agents to the establishments were Ziemkiewicz was going to meet his readers and their owners thought it would be prudent to cancel the meets.

So, if you think that UK became a police state where the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are not respected you are wrong. It became something much worse.
(Just in case I reducted the name.)

How far-right Mr. Ziemkiewicz is? Judge by yourself by reading a list of books he wrote (the books are in

  • The Lord of the Rat (short stories anthology)
  • Treasures of Stolin (short stories anthology)
  • Zero illusions (short stories anthology) 
  • Selected by Gods
  • F...ing fate of Organ-grinder
  • Red carpets, measured steps
  • Waltz of the century
  • Whole pile of big brothers
  • Foreign body
  • Fires on the rocks 
  • Something stronger

  • Zero astonishment
  • Viagra your...
  • Suckers
  • Record of illness
  • Time of screaming old people
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