Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Russia is hiding something about this week's tragedy in Siberia

Kemerovo, Siberia: According to local sources the official count of 64 victims of shopping mall blaze is a big fat lie. There is already a list of 85 names of missing, but locals say that the bodies were being shipped out on trucks in the middle of the night two days in a row. A local businessman who lost in this blaze 3 children, wife and sister claims to possess a recording of an unidentified man who says that there is over 400 bodies.

To make matters worse, and the Russians are already pissed at Putin over his slow reaction to the tragedy, families cannot find a location where the bodies of their children are kept.
"There are only adult bodies in the morgue. Not one child. They do not tell us where they are. We are shocked."
It is amazing that US media who race for any news about "Russian collusion" and compare Putin to Hitler or worse (only when it relates to election loss) somehow take official account at face value and repeat it all over without changing anything. Yes, they reported about anger and protest, but didn't bother to check what is the source of the anger.

BTW, the protests may also be more serious than reported. Columns of military vehicles were spotted around the city. It's doubtful that they needed that many to protect Putin visiting there.

(If you remember we were among the first to report the real account of US-Russian clash in Syria.)

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