Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Who needs democracy if we have Politico?

Yesterday Politico Europe Edition, published an editorial "Europe can save Poland from darkness. Ruling party is undermining the constitution, but Brussels has the tools to stop it."

It is another "call to arms" aimed at European Union to fight against democratically elected government by a large majority of voters. Apparently European Left, just like American Left, only likes democracy when they win elections. If they don't, then the result of the elections is suspect because voters may have been misled, uneducated or simply stupid. But don't worry, "Brussels has the tools to stop it." The author of the editorial, himself an elected official supported by post-communist parties, is upset about a real possibility of removal from the Polish highest courts communist era judges who somehow, being a judge might help a little,  avoided prosecution for "judicial murders" and other acts against the rule of law.

Will the EU's highest bureaucrats listen and come to the rescue of their colleagues? Especially since 90 percent of them come from socialist parties?

The author sees hope in "the solidarity of judges protesting against new composition of the National Council of the Judiciary or against new appointments for presidents of local courts." Those "protests" were more like treats and intimidation if you tell someone that if you regain power they will be prosecuted and jailed or simply "dealt with."
"Here in Poland, we are headed into a period of darkness when it comes to legal guarantees, the role of the constitution and the sanctity of EU treaties. Hope is slowly vanishing. We can only hope that — being deprived of institutional guarantees of independence — individual judges will be strong enough to safeguard their own independence in their judicial decision-making."
I may not be a constitutional scholar like president Obama was but I am pretty sure that "sanctity of EU treaties" is not written in Polish Constitution. Yet!

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