Friday, May 4, 2018

Jersey City Mayor May Soon Learn Why You Don't Call Someone Anti-Semite To Win An Argument

You don't call someone "white nationalist" just because he is white or "anti-Semite" just because he is Polish (*), and Jersey City Mayor may soon find out why?

Three days ago The Jersey Journal reported that the Katyn memorial, located at Exchange Place since 1991, may be moved following a renovation of the plaza where it stands.
The park renovation will be undertaken by the Exchange Place business group chaired by Mack-Cali CEO Mike DeMarco, who said he'd prefer the "gruesome" statue get a new home. -
Polish community protested and soon Polish politicians got involved. "It is a really scandalous and very unpleasant situation for us," Karczewski, speaker of Poland's senate, said on Wednesday.  Poland's ambassador to the United States, Piotr Wilczek, said on Monday the city should keep the statue at Exchange Place.

That started the war of words, Jersey City, Polish officials trade barbs over massacre statue, and Mayor Steve Fulop (D) could not help himself from using known liberal tactic and calling Mr. Karczewski a "white nationalist" and "known anti-Semite."
"The fact that a known anti-Semite, a known white nationalist, and a known Holocaust denier thinks that he will be able to influence Jersey City parks or policies is laughable," Fulop said. "This guy has zero credibility and he only has served to undermine Poland's standing in the world."
Senator Karczewski says that this will end in the court room. Bravo!

(It did happen to me.)

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