Thursday, June 14, 2018

Polonia must support Bob Stefanowski in Connecticut

Life in beautiful Connecticut is getting harder. Democrats who ruined this state raise taxes at every opportunity. They are trying to plug a huge budget hole because of which the state stands on the verge of bankruptcy.

We are in the last place in all possible economic statistics and one of the first in terms of moving to other states. In our state lives a very large number of Poles who do not think about moving yet, but if nothing changes then we will have no choice.

Our last hope is Bob Stefanowski, a businessman of Polish descent, running for the Governor. (In answer to my question, Mr. Stefanowski wrote that both sets of his grandparents immigrated from Poland.) Everything indicates that he is more and more likely to win, even though he is running as the petitioning candidate.

His plan is short (see below) but based on common sense and business knowledge. (Like Trump :))

Bob’s Five-Step Plan to Rebuild Connecticut

  1. Phase out corporate income tax and business entity tax over 2 years

  2. Phase out state income tax over 8 years

  3. Eliminate the gift and estate taxes immediately

  4. Embrace zero-based budgeting to reduce spending

  5. Enact a taxpayer bill of rights

All Poles (Polonia) in Connecticut must support him!

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