77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

 The Warsaw Uprising broke out 77 years ago. Let's pay tribute to its participants by celebrating the whole month of August as a Home Army Month.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Pay attention to what's going on in Poland, opposition parties try to provoke riots

Last night opposition parties, known as 'Total Opposition' that opposes removal from the country's courts former communist judges and "secret informers", staged the street protests in Warsaw with clear intention to provoke riots and stronger response from the police and hopefully riot-police. Part of their tactics are trying to videotape "brutality" of police actions against rioters, but they seem to forget that police are also video taping their actions, in case of lawsuits. The videos show that it's the protesters who are violent toward police. Actually, police forces show a great amount of restraining and professionalism.

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