Sunday, July 1, 2018

Poland denies signing any deal with Germany

Google: Big Brother Merkel
Is Merkel and her allies lying about "Seeker Return Deals With 14 EU Countries"? Poland has denied that. So did Czech Republic and Hungary. The problem is you can't find any mention of that just about anywhere. Not on the BBC, not on CNN, not on VOAnews, not even on Google unless you know what exactly you are looking for. Is that how news reporting works now? You bury the news, and it never happened?

I knew what to look for and I found it:
Poland says has not signed a migrant repatriation deal with Germany - Reuters
Poland has not entered into any agreement about repatriating asylum seekers, Foreign Ministry spokesman said after a German government document was circulated saying Warsaw was one of 14 governments that had indicated it would be prepared to do so.

Why did she lie?
Some say it was to strengthen her position. I think she and her allies in the world liberal media (99% of the media) used old propaganda method. They will repeat it until it becomes the truth and force Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic to surrender. Apparently other countries did.