Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New York Times attacks Polish President the day he visits the White House

The New York Times didn't miss a minute to attack Poland and its democratically elected government, and they did while President Duda is visiting the White House, the lair of their other sworn enemy, Trump. It must be really important to them since they didn't put it behind the "pay wall."

In their lengthy piece describing the horrors of the judges that at a great risk of "facing disciplinary action" publicly criticize the overhauls, calling the process of nominating new judges to the Supreme Court a “beauty pageant.”

But in their 1,500 word piece they only found a room for one sentence, unimportant or inconvenient, that explains why the Polish government wants this reform to get completed regardless of the consequences: "The Polish government has argued that the changes are needed to rid the courts of any vestiges of the Communist era."

But even that sentence is not completely truthful. It should say that Poles, yeah, the ones that voted current government in, want to rid the courts of Communist judges. The ones that happily and dutifully sentenced striking workers and protesters to years of imprisonment during the infamous Martial Law. Yes, Poland could never get rid of them. They were always protected by some kind of "defenders" of human rights from the European Union. Those judges are the main reason that the Polish court system is corrupt and very slow in dispensing justice. People who defraud millions of dollars are able to "play for time" to have their cases dismissed due to statue of limitation. Judges are so independent that they can choose they case they want to take.

NYT mentioned disciplinary action against judges who refuse to follow the new law, but somehow ignored the well know incidents of death threats against those that want to implement it. They inform the readers that out of 10,000 qualified judges only 200 applied for the positions in the Supreme Court insinuating a boycott when in truth only those 200 could not be intimidated by the clique of corrupt judges who want to keep their power over the nation. And that's the real truth.