Friday, September 7, 2018

Not "Only in America": Soft Coup

What we are seeing here in America can only be described as a Soft Coup. It is well choreographed and it started with a publication of Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear. Interestingly enough similar attacks take place in Poland where the judiciary, with European Union's help, question legality of not just proposed judicial reforms, but the legality of democratic elections and their consequences for corrupt judges with communist background.

Today's news of stabbing "Brazil's Donald Trump" during a campaign rally shows how seriously the Left is looking at their loss of ground world-wide and that they are willing to kill to win.

The soft coup in America that was ridiculed and denied for the last two years is now in full view and even admitted to by the Anonymous Op-Ed in the New York Times. Yes, it is no longer a Resistance inside the Trump administration. It is no longer a sabotage of the justice system of this country. It is a coup. Maybe a soft coup, but those who take part in it already expressed their hope that the US military overthrows Donald Trump.

Google: Martial Law
In other words, people who pretend to be on your side, people who pretend to care about the hardship of the lower-middle class are willing to take away all your freedoms to have their way, and please believe me once they win they will take them away. In exchange they will give "Democratic Socialism" a new version (version 2.0) of something that some of us have known as the "Socialism with human face". The one that implements MARTIAL LAWS and orders to shoot at protesters, to shoot with real bullets.