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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Polish community has a real chance to ensure Bob Stefanowski wins in Connecticut

Polish community, Polonia, has a real chance to ensure that Bob Stefanowski (R) wins a gubernatorial seat in the State of Connecticut that under Democratic leadership, despite being the wealthiest in America, found itself at the bottom of any ranking imaginable, 49th in the economy.

This morning, a week before Election Day, the Quinnipiac Poll showed that Stefanowski is 43 to 47, Lamont (D). Only 4 percent difference, also known as "margin of error". 

Those results may surprise Democrats, but should not surprise voters who have enough of lies, empty promises, and the worst economy in the nation. endorses Bob Stefanowski, the man who is giving us a real chance for the better future, and his Polish last name, his grandparents immigrated from Poland, is just an "icing on the cake".

So, please go and vote for Robert Stefanowski!

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