Saturday, December 29, 2018

EU's double standards exposed, again

If anything else, the year 2018 showed us that the European Union has double-standard for just about everything. On one side there are France and Germany that seemingly can't do anything wrong. They are beyond reproach. They are Europe's shiny stars of civil and human rights. On the other side are those ugly nationalist states like Hungary, Poland and (lately) Italy that stumble on everything they do and whatever they do stinks of nationalism, fascism, abuse of law and more. 

Many young people in the West don't know much about Poland, but they do know about "illegal" harvesting of the beautiful rainforest that Poland somehow managed to keep alive for over 1,000 years. What they do not know, because liberal "free" press failed to report, is that the trees the forest services had to cut cut down were sick to their core and would eventually fall on their own creating a deadly hazard. About 2 moths later German forest services began to do exactly the same thing and not a single word for European "free" press. Double-standard???

Now, from yesterday, we have something that, if reported on, would easily qualify as a huge scandal, but but don't bother "google" for it, because I only found one mention in the press and even that was quoting Russia Today, go figure. So, here is what the "backward" Polish press reported:
The European Union will accept the French budget deficit above the 3 percent ceiling in the European Union in 2018. The EU budget commissioner explains that "as a one-off exception". Please recall that recently the European Commission has been pressing Italy, because this country has presented a budget with a deficit of... 2.4 percent. The Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger explained that the French president Emmanuel Macron lost control over his budget for 2019 due to mass protests in France, but Macron " remains a strong supporter of the European Union", so everything is fine. 
Try not to laugh (nervously). Again, double-standard???