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Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake news media almost started an international crisis

In the last two days "fake news media" almost started a major crisis between Poland and Israel (this time it was not MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell even though she tried). All it took was to change a few words in the translation. 
Yesterday, PM Netanjahu met with reporters at the POLIN museum, Museum of the History of Polish Jews, where, according to the "The Jerusalem Post." he said that "Poles as a nation collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust", and "they also helped in killing Jews." Similar words were quoted by the "Haaretz".
That report brought an immediate reaction from the Polish government. Both the President of Poland and the Prime Minister said that if the reports are true, then the meeting of the V4 Group (Visegrad Group) in Israel would be a mistake and should take place in Warsaw instead. 
Fortunately, both Israeli embassy and "The Times of Israel" showed that "the article in @Jotemusalem_Post is an example of malicious journalistic manipulation", and the crisis was averted.
So, what did PM Netanjahu say? 
"I was present at the prime minister's briefing and he did not say that the Polish nation collaborated with the Nazis, only that no person was sued for reminding us that there were  Poles who cooperated with them" - Anna Azari, Ambassador of Israel to Poland.

Is it just a coincidence that reporters from three different press agencies, two from Israel and one from the United States (MSNBC), attempt to ignite conflict between Israel and Poland?