Saturday, March 23, 2019

Record breaking crowdfunding campaign for Polish hyperloop

Hyper Poland has collected over EUR 160,000 within two days of the start of the campaign. Nearly 100 investors from Poland, Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain have so far shown interest in the Polish company's project.

"The interest is high, our goal is 200,000 euros, this amount will allow us for the first time in Central and Eastern Europe to carry out  a test of a vehicle traveling using passive magnetic levitation - explains Przemysław Pączek, president of Hyper Poland.
The Polish company for 2 years has been implementing its own proprietary vehicle design. Hyper Poland engineers have developed and patented a proprietary technology that allows for fast and cheap adjustment of already existing railway tracks to the needs of magnetic vehicles. Thanks to this, in a few years in Poland and Europe you will be able to see magnetic trains moving at a speed of 300 km / h. 

It looks like Poles are taking their Hyperloop experiment one step farther and even if they don't win Musk's challenge they will have some form of it. 

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