On September 1st Poland presented A REPORT ON THE LOSSES SUFFERED BY POLAND AS A RESULT OF GERMAN AGGRESSION AND OCCUPATION DURING WORLD WAR II, 1939-1945. The Report consists of three volumes: Volume A - A collection of studies; Volume B - Photographic documentary; Volume C - List of atrocity sites. The download will start automatically.

Friday, March 1, 2019

National Day of Cursed Soldiers

Cursed Soldiers
Today Poland celebrates a one of the kind holiday, the National Day of Cursed Soldiers. It is a holiday celebrating the memory of the members of World War II Polish Resistance that refused to put down their weapons and submit to the communist government that was in representing the Soviet Union that was in fact occupying Poland after the end of the war.
It is unknown in the West, but most of those members of the Resistance who put down their weapons in celebration of the end of the war found themselves sent to the prisons, concentration camps (yes, communist Poland created those), Syberia (member of my family was sent there) or simply shot in the head deep in the forests. On March 1st, 1951, seven WWII heroes were executed in secret in Warsaw's prison. There names are: Łukaszu Cieplińskim, Mieczysławie Kawalcu, Józefie Batorym, Adamie Lazarowiczu, Franciszku Błażeju, Karolu Chmielu i Józefie Rzepce.
Poland remembers post-WWII anti-communist fighters
Poles were not even allowed to remember or even know that such executions were taking place in the "wonderful world" of the Democratic Socialism imposed on them by their communist masters. This holiday is only celebrated for the 9th year.