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Sunday, March 31, 2019

The New York Times is not truthful about Poland's immigration policy

The New York Times with other liberal media for several years worked very hard to suppress the information about the fact that Poland was accepting migrants from other countries so now they get to act surprised.

Ever since the migration crisis in the European Union started Poland was accepting migrants. The problem was that Poland was accepting them from the "wrong" region. The EU and liberal media insisted that Central European countries accept migrants from countries like Syria, to the point that they were willing to lie about the situation. The EU even created a "formula" that all member countries were supposed to follow. That gave them the cover that allowed them to say that the Polish government is so hard-right, so evil, that they won't accept even a few thousand of migrants.

Such reporting created a wrong perception among regular Americans who understandingly were upset about the situation, asking why it is happening. Imagine their confusion when people like me asked how many more migrants should Poland accept since it already accepted close to a million? Yes, due to the war in Ukraine, Poland was accepting displaced people from the war region and people looking for work. Until today that number is close to 2 million, and the NYT is again misleading readers since it's not some deep dark secret, most of them are Christians (Russian Orthodox), but there are also Muslims, namely Crimean Tatars and some Chechens, as well. 

So, it is nice that the NYT finally informed their readers about the true numbers of migrants in Poland, but they do not get to act surprised. It was never a secret. 

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