Saturday, April 6, 2019

"I was not home. They just took my children away "- shocking report from a Russian who fled from Sweden to Poland

"I was not home. They just took my children away "- shocking report from a Russian who fled from Sweden to Poland

- I was not at home when they came. They put me in a dead end situation. They just took the children - said Denis Lisow, who decided to escape with three daughters from Sweden to Poland. He pointed out that now he wants to live like a normal person. - I have to take action, send children to school, kindergarten, I have to work - he adds.

On Monday, he and his three daughters: 12-year-old Sofia, 6-year-old Serafina and 4-year-old Alisa were detained by the Polish border guard at the airport in Warsaw. They came to Poland from Sweden by ferry. They wanted to fly from  Warsaw to Russia. The border guards handed them over to the police from the airport. The family spent the night there on foldout beds. 

The father explained to the Polish authorities that in September of 2017 Swedish social services took his daughters away from him and placed them in a Muslim, immigrant foster family after his wife in 2014 became ill with schizophrenia. 
Lisov was granted a weekly 6-hour visit with children. He could not accept that, so he decided to take the children.

- When I came to Sweden with my family, everything was normal. As immigrants, we felt some problems, but we were happy, everything was very good - says the Russian.

He says that problems began when his wife became ill. "She could not act as a mother, and the Swedish services started their to take steps," he says.

- The social services made a decision in connection with the mother's health. However, I did not see any basis for that. These steps were directed to take away my children as soon as possible - he says.

He made the decision to take the girls from the foster family some time ago. "This family had my children without any cause and reason, they probably write in Sweden that I stole my daughters, but these are my daughters, I am their father, I went and picked them up," he explains.

He says that when a social worker approached the girls in front of the police station, the older girl reacted sharply.

- She was shaky, and when this man said something to her in Swedish, she began to cry.

When asked what is most important to him now, he answers: "We are waiting for a decision on asylum." This is the most important thing right now and then I have to send my children to school and kindergarten, I have to work like a normal person and live. "

The family found shelter in an apartment made available by one of the organizations. They like it very much in Poland.

- There are many parks in Poland, nice weather. I am happy to be with my dad - I am calm and happy. In the end, we are together. Everything ended, calmed down. I always wanted to be with my father from the first to the last day. I wanted to come back to him" - says 12-year-old Sofia. And she adds that she has a dream: "Now that we are together, I would like to study and get to college and maybe even become a singer."