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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Obama was going to be a "super guest" at the new initiative of EU's Tusk, but...

Barack Obama was supposed to come to the celebrations of the anniversary of the 1989 Elections - report internet media. According to the findings, the former president of the United States was to mark the start of the new initiative of Donald Tusk called the "June 4th Movement." Eventually, Obama will not come to Poland. Reason? "Prosaic".

- One of the former Polish ambassadors to the United States was personally working on this project. He negotiated with representatives of Barack Obama, the participation of his wife Michelle was also probed, but the talks ended in a fiasco. The point was that Donald Tusk needed to have at his side someone known around the world, someone associated with the "fight for democracy". Officially, the Obamas had no open slot on the calendar.  The website wp.pl indicates that the reason for refusing was completely different. More prosaic. The problem is that the former US president is supposed to take about $400,000 for the speech. It turned out that the organizers of Gdańsk celebrations could not afford it.

No worry though, Bill & Hillary Clinton are also on the list of possible guests. Hopefully they will be more understanding.