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Thursday, June 13, 2019

There are more similarities between US and Poland than they tell you

There are similarities between what is going on around Trump's presidency and Polish government that are uncanny. Just like Trump, the Polish ruling conservative party has been accused of working for Putin, and the accusers, just as in the US, are really the ones we could call "useful idiots", or working (knowingly or not) for the benefit of Russia. 

As you probably saw with your own eyes, the President of Poland was asked during the press conference about the rule of law in his country and dangers to the Democracy that his government supposedly represents.

And, just like Trump, they (the President, PM and the government) are being called the danger to the democracy, peace, abortion and everything else liberals care about. And, surprise, surprise, nobody was arrested, beaten or killed for saying so, the usual proof that someone is a dictator. 

And, that was just one similarity I am talking about. The others are: leftist media, leftist celebrities, hard core communist judges (not just leftist) that refuse to retire protected by international liberal media, and hard core communist politicians protected by some secret agreement from 1989 that keeps them out of jail for their large or small "sins".

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