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Monday, December 30, 2019

Putin learns the hard way not to mess with Poland

In the last few days an amazing thing has happened, almost a Christmas miracle, Putin opened his mouth and united all Poles against himself.

In the last few weeks in Poland the divisions between Left and Right were getting really bad and out of control. The judiciary, occupied by the Left and post-communists, declared itself independent from the country. According to them no new laws could be used against them because they will simply declare them unconstitutional and if that won't work they will call the EU for help. The Left tried to turn that into the major international crisis, accusing the government of breaking the constitution. The Right passed the laws that would punish judges for breaking the law, imagine that.

Enter Putin. Apparently angered by a European Parliament resolution, which blames both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany for the outbreak of World War Two he chose to do the stupidest thing anybody could. He accused Poland of colluding with Hitler and starting the war. 

You don't accuse Poles of colluding with Germany and/or starting the WWII. This is the one sure thing that will unite all Poles. But, to make thing worse for Putin the World's "Main Stream Media" had no other choice but to report about it: