Friday, March 27, 2020

Europe tops China in number of cases 3:1

Hopkins map as of 3/27/20

The Europe has already passed China in Coronavirus cases by almost 3:1. It is a hot spot for all the cases (while the US is as a single country). All the borders in the European Union are now in full effect. Apparently the EU bureaucracy has failed and all the EU members react to the crisis on their own and quite differently. Poland seems to have chosen the best approach and now is among those with the lowest number of cases.

Germany: 47,278 cases / 285 deaths
Netherlands: 7,431 cases / 434 deaths
Czechia (Czech Republic) 2,062 cases / 9 deaths
Hungary 300 cases / 10 deaths
Lithuania 345 cases / 5 deaths
Poland 1,244 cases / 16 deaths 

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