Monday, March 30, 2020

Poland's Ministry of Health: The increase in new infections drops slightly

On Saturday, one large COVID-19 outbreak was detected, which resulted in a significant increase in incidence statistics, but if we look at the percentage increase in infections day by day, it is slowly decreasing - said Polish Deputy Minister of Health Janusz Cieszyński.

To date, most new infections were recorded on Saturday - 249. A week ago, 116 new infections were detected on Monday, around 150 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and around 170 on Thursday and Friday. There were 224 infections on Sunday.

Cieszyński was asked how he assessed the current implementation of the goals of limiting the spread of coronavirus. - When we compare Poland - at least at the moment - with other countries, the number of people infected with coronavirus is relatively low. However, we cannot announce success yet.

At this moment Poland has 1905 cases with 26 deaths.

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