Tuesday, March 24, 2020

You would think Democrats would present a "clean bill" to help all of us, but ....

If you listened to the CNN you would think that helping thousands of people who just lost their income over a fight with the pandemic is the number one priority for the Democrats who every day tell us how much they care. You would think that Democrats would present a "clean bill" to send those checks to help us pay our bills. 

Not so fast, though. They literally crammed this bill with things that "worked so well under Obama", like "Obamaphone" surrounded by unprecedented corruption. Then there is a $15 minimum wage at any business accepting federal help. That means that no small mom-and-pop business can accept such "help". If you own one of those you are out of luck but, who cares.

The bill would also prohibit states from "imposing additional conditions or requirements on the eligibility of a voter to cast an absentee ballot such as notarization or witness signatures, and prohibits requiring identification to obtain an absentee ballot." In other words other people could cast your vote and you would have no say.

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