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Monday, April 20, 2020

More cases in Poland

by Niezalezna.pl
Poland has 166 new cases and 2 new deaths which brings it to the totals of 9453/362.

Polish government is very concerned that the values of many businesses have dropped significantly they became the targets for takeovers by foreign investors. They plan to make that difficult. The list is being formed which will contain the names of the companies that cannot be sold without the government's approval. The companies that face financial difficulties will also have an option to quickly suspend trading of their stock. The final plan will be announced later this week.

Poland has recently received a shipment of 30 million face masks, 10 million of latex gloves and 1 million of medical uniforms. Poland is buying this equipment in China, Turkey and other countries while trying in a matter of weeks to start the production locally as well.

The British government says that pubs may be closed until Christmas. 

In last 24 hours 399 people have died in Spain which is the lowest number since March 22nd.

Italy is planning to lift some restrictions. The phase II will start on May 4th.