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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Poland: next step of pandemic easing

Training for the Olympic Games
From May 4, the 2nd stage of easing, sport. 
We want to go to the counteroffensive, to activities showing a return to sport normality. Sport is not only health and fitness, but an important branch of the national economy - said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, announcing the opening of the next stage of defrosting sport on 4 May.

- I decided to return to the soccer league games and speedway competitions. It will not start tomorrow, but we have agreed on a schedule to reach the First League match, which may take place at the end of May - the Prime Minister said. - Footballers have been in isolation for some time, at the beginning of May they will be able to return to training and at the end of May they will be able to return to competition - he assured, adding that for obvious reasons these events will take place without the participation of the public.

- We also want athletes to be able to start training (May 9) for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. We are opening Central Sports Centers facilities in Wałcz and Spała under strict sanitary regime - said PM.

- We are planning openings of sport fields and places for sports that are in the open air - starting on May 4th. In these places we can maintain the social distance.

- Later, in the third stage, we will open school gyms, sports halls, enclosed facilities - with a maximum of 6 people practicing a given discipline while maintaining sanitary requirements, - he explained. - In the fourth stage, gyms, fitness rooms, dance rooms, bowling alleys - places where everyone is closer together - he added.

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