Friday, July 24, 2020

Forbes' advice for would be travelers to Poland. Visit Little Poland instead

It's nice to know that Forbes noticed our little community in New England and advises those who wanted to visit Poland this year nut can't due to Covid-19 to visit Little Poland instead.

"My advice is to visit “Little Poland” in New Britain, Connecticut. If you live in New England, for example, you can easily drive to and enter the state of Connecticut, and “Little Poland” can offer you the European ambience you won’t find anywhere else."
I can agree with that statement. The “Little Poland” is basically an area surrounding a street, Broad Street, that houses most of Polish businesses in this small city of 73,000. So finding it on GPS should not be a problem. 

(Full transparency – about three years ago we moved to New Britain and are now part of “Little Poland”.)

You could eat here, buy some food for home, buy some souvenirs, get Polish press and even attend Polish mass. All of that in about 20 minutes of walk of entire length of the street (20 minutes if you don't stop anywhere). On Sunday most of the shops close at 2pm, and most of them are closed on Monday.

So come visit "Little Poland" and as soon as Europe is open for travel go to Poland!