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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Poland: in the long run, most supplies of LNG will come from the US

Polish PGNiG accepted the one hundredth load of liquefied natural gas at the LNG Terminal named after President Lech Kaczyński in Świnoujście. This delivery came from Qatar. In total, PGNiG has so far imported approximately 11 billion cubic meters of LNG (measured after regasification). 

On Friday, July 3, the methane carrier Al Safliya delivered about 90,000 tons of LNG from Qatargas. After regasification, this corresponds to approx. 120 million cubic meters of natural gas. 

"In the long run, the majority of deliveries will be from the United States. We have two long-term contracts with Qatar and four with the Americans. The one that works for now is a contract with Cheniere Energy" - said the head of the company. 

So far, more than half of the supplies came from Qatar, the world leader in the production of liquefied gas.