Wednesday, July 15, 2020

President Duda's victory increases Poland's negotiating power in Brussels

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Ryszard Czarnecki, member of the European Parliament says: The timing of Duda's victory is extremely beneficial for Poland:

The EU is about to make some important decisions at upcoming summit regarding finances that will affect the "Old Continent": 
1) Recovery Fund or Fund for Reconstruction, 
2) Fair Transformation Fund; 
3) EU budget for 2021-2027;

The summit was moved from June to July 17-18. The presidential election in our country was also postponed, first from May 10 to (unconfirmed) end of May, and finally to June 28, and the second round in July 12. And it turned out that the president was re-elected from the Poland's ruling camp five days before the Brussels "financial" summit.

This means, in political practice, a huge strengthening of the Polish government in these negotiations. The election result was a signal that the Polish government and, more broadly, the "ruling camp" had once again gained democratic legitimacy. And this is a very strong democratic legitimacy, because the turnout was almost 70 percent and was the highest, please correct me if I'm wrong, in the last 30 years.

Yes, I emphasize, president Duda's victory just increased Poland's strength in the EU's negotiations regarding great money from Brussels - it is so big that we have never had and, attention, we will never have again.

PoloniaNews: If you look at the headlines about Poland you can tell, that "they" (Liberals) know, that it was monumental victory for Poland and for Conservatives.