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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Poland found itself at war ... with LGBT ideology

Pic. Marta Bogdanowicz/"Sapcerowiczka" Facebook
Last week, July 29th, a group of LGBT activists hanged rainbow flags on several statues in Warsaw, among them a statue of Jesus Christ carrying the cross, which is located in front of the Basilica of the Holy Cross. Since that statue is a religious symbol that was among destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising (and the act took place 2 days before its anniversary) the attack was called a desecration of religious symbol.

Here is how the BBC reported on the matter:
Three people accused of hanging LGBT rainbow flags off statues in Warsaw have been arrested and charged.
Polish police charged them with desecrating monuments and offending religious feelings.
Activists protesting against the anti-LGBT policies of President Andrzej Duda hung the flags off statues of Jesus Christ, the astronomer Copernicus and the Warsaw mermaid.
They also dressed them in pink face masks bearing the anarcho-queer symbol.
Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki denounced the activists, saying the statues symbolize values that are important to millions of Poles. 
However, activists who were part of the demonstrations said they were protesting against the homophobic ideology of governing officials.
Prosecutors must now decide whether to bring the case to court.
In Poland, the crime of offending religious feelings is punishable by a fine or up to two years in prison.

Yesterday, the police arrested on of the organizers of that "happening", but not for this act. 
"By a court decision, LGBT activist Michał S. aka Małgorzata "Margot" S. was arrested for 2 months. The man is suspected of having committed a hooligan act on June 27, 2020, involving participation in a crowd, brutal attack on an activist of the Pro Life Foundation and destruction of property belonging to the foundation. The same person who was the perpetrator of the desecration of the figure of Christ" - writes a conservative portal DoRzeczy.
Here is a reaction from the commissioner in The Council of Europe's Human Rights:

"I call for immediate release of  LGBT activist Margot from @stopbzdurom detained yesterday for blocking an anti-LGBT hate van & putting rainbow flags on #Warsaw monuments. Order to detain her for 2 months sends very chilling signal for #FreedomOfSpeech & #LGBT rights in #Poland."

Apparently membership in the European Union brings the famous Animal Farms quote: "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" into real life practice. If you beat someone up just call him a homophobe and you are "off the hook".