77th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

 The Warsaw Uprising broke out 77 years ago. Let's pay tribute to its participants by celebrating the whole month of August as a Home Army Month.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Poland: Left-wing politicians betrayed their own country

Source: EUobserver
 If you want to see the best example of political or diplomatic betrayal look no further than left-wing politicians, and today it is Polish left-wing politicians who voted in the EU parliament against Poland. They voted on a resolution of the Article 7 proceedings regarding Poland, dealing with concerns about the "Rule Of Law" & the fundamental rights of LGBTI people.

What makes it even more upsetting is that people like me see that vote as a GIANT MIDDLE FINGER from the communists given to Poland and Polish people because the vote was carried today, September 17th, an anniversary of the Soviet Union's invasion of Poland in 1939.

You can't expect any Polish politician not to see the significance of that date and so voting against your own country cannot be a coincidence.

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