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Monday, October 5, 2020

High-speed rail will connect Warsaw and Budapest

 The last thing the Left wing politicians in the EU wanted to happen was an even stronger bond between those two countries and their rising economic and political position. Poland and Hungary seriously consider building a high-speed rail that will connect Budapest with Warsaw. A feasibility study for the construction is to be ready by the summer of 2021.

The high-speed rail is to run through Bratislava and Brno in Slovakia, Ostrava in the Czech Republic, and Katowice in Poland. According to plans, the double-track railway line will be adapted to trains reaching speeds from 250 km/h to as much as 350 km/h, The travel from Budapest to Warsaw is to take 5.5 hours, more optimistic predictions say that maybe even 3 hours, instead of the current 12.

While line would be used primarily for transporting passengers, the company that is preparing the study will also analyze the possibility of running freight trains on less occupied sections of the line.

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