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Friday, October 23, 2020

Morawiecki: starting this Saturday all of Poland in the red zone

 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced during a press conference today, Friday 10/23, that from Saturday all of Poland would be in the red zone, emphasizing that now the most important thing is to stop the transmission of the virus and stop the pandemic from developing. Schools, grades 4 to 8, will operate remotely.

"All the rules, to which those who live, work and study in the red zone have become accustomed, apply throughout the territory of the Republic of Poland" - emphasized Morawiecki.

"If the currently introduced restrictions do not work, if a deep lockdown is necessary, it will be necessary to take this step" - the Prime Minister said on Friday. 

The prime minister announced the continuation of all steps aimed at protecting the citizens. "Our actions must be very decisive, today we are in a completely different place than a month ago. On September 23, the incidence rate hovered around 1,000 (...) today this number is close to 15,000 a day" - said the Prime Minister. According to him, the average number of infections in Europe is about 170 people per 100,000. inhabitants, and in Poland it is about 160 people per 100,000. 

Morawiecki announced the launch of the Seniors Support Corps to help the elderly without family care.

The Seniors Support Corps, through the extensive involvement of organizations, volunteers, scouts, the Territorial Defense Forces or the military, we will be launched immediately, to help all seniors, especially those over 70, to stay at home, said the head of the government.

"We are also closing sanatoriums. This is necessary, because 70 percent of people staying in sanatoriums are seniors over 60" - said the Prime Minister at a press conference on further restrictions.

"The next restriction is the prohibition of all kinds of activities of groups over five people, for example various types of meetings, activities, meetings. We can clearly see that also in recent days large groups of people have met and we are convinced, and this is also the opinion of epidemiologists, that these were  the sources and outbreaks of infections" - said the PM.

All of those restrictions are necessary to prevent lockdowns.