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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

WWII Tollboy aerial bomb intentionally detonated in Poland, not accidentally as Western media reported

 On Tuesday, a group of miners from the 12th Minesweeper Squadron of the 8th Coastal Defense Flotilla detonated a Tallboy bomb. Preparations for the operation started in September 2019. 

For some reason the Western media (Reuters, Yahoo News, NBC News, The Guardian) made it sound like it was an accidental detonation while it was intentional and fully controlled. 

Weighing almost 5 tons, the bomb was probably the largest in Europe. It was designed to cause a local earthquake. Initially, the military mine divers assumed that the charge would be burnt, but detonation was the final solution. For this reason, it was necessary to evacuate more than 750 people within 2.5 km radius from the area near Szczecin - Świnoujście fairway.

The area itself had to be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. During the cleanup, over 400 dangerous explosive objects were discovered and removed: sea mines, depth charges, and various types of artillery ammunition.

It was the first ever underwater neutralization of this type of bomb.

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