Sunday, November 8, 2020

Latest data from Poland: lower number of new coronavirus infections (24,785 ). 236 people died

 There are 24,785 new and confirmed cases, on Saturday there were 27,875, of coronavirus infection, the health ministry said. 236 infected people died.

Due to the coronavirus, there are 20,214 people in hospitals with confirmed infections. 1,841 are connected to respirators. There are 11,036 vacant beds in the country for patients with Covid-19 and 618 vacant ventilators. The Ministry of Health reported that there is a total of 31,250 beds and 2,459 respirators prepared for patients suffering from Covid-19. 

There are  407,579 people in quarantine, and 42,921 people under the sanitary and epidemiological supervision. The ministry said that 209,363 patients had recovered.