Sunday, December 13, 2020

39th anniversary of Marshall Law in Poland

 39 years ago, on December 13, 1981, the "Democratic Socialism", some times also referred to as the "socialism with human face", and it's blood thirsty minions gave us a Marshall Law. It started with the night of mass arrests when the police vans, "sukas" (bitches), drove around the towns collecting people from predetermined lists of those who would cause trouble by organizing strikes or protests.

The next day tanks drove through those towns.

"As every year on December 13, I remember that day, which influenced the history of Poland and the personal fate of many Poles so much. The introduction of martial law was a time when a wave of human solidarity was wasted, the one through small" s ", which Poles legally built in the period operating "Solidarity" in 1980-81" - writes Prime Minister Morawiecki.

 Today's "defenders of democracy" forty years ago were "defenders of people's democracy". As we know, this system had little to do with real democracy, like the one for which today's opposition is fighting - says Michał Moskal, head of the Political Cabinet of Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński.